Your first step with the React Convention™

In a default starter kit from @davezuko, you can see a home page and a counter component which look exactly like the image below:

starter animation redux

This is a simple application with a counter, and through this e-book you will implement other views and components which will help you understand whole codebase from a big picture perspective.

To explain the whole code structure, we will start with developing a new route called Dashboard with some basic features. When we are done with it, then we will implement a registration and login features which will ensure that you know how to do it 100% just on your own.

The first step is to clone the starter kit and start working on this commit (on 24.01.17) (the e-book was written on that version, so for a better experience, you should work on the same one)


... so you will be truly working on that starting codebase (last commit was made on Jan 24 2017):

Here is a commands step by step how to clone and install repository from git:

git clone
git checkout fd16e16f9adabfa3a5fe6c303ad56569d705afc1 // switch commits. more
cd react-redux-starter-kit // go to the folder
npm install // install dependencies

After you have cloned the repo and you are at the same point (commit) as me, then we can continue with the fun.

React Poland 2017