Why you should learn and use React

1) Because of timing

Currently, React has the best momentum between all the front-end frameworks/solutions/libraries. Below we can find the stats of visits within Angular vs. React subreddits:

reactjs momentum

Above, we can see that React subreddit has surpassed the popularity (unique visits) of the AngularJS.

"A good hockey player plays where the puck is. A great hockey player plays where the puck is going to be" - Wayne Gretzky

As you can see, the advice from Wayne Gretzky may be quite useful: play where "the puck" is going to be (React, not Angular).

ReactJS related skills are going to be very in demand on the job market. Here you can learn the basics and advanced concepts behind React Redux, the right way.

2) Because of the better job market

Who Is Hiring on Hacker News are monthly updates of tech companies who are looking for certain skillsets:

reactjs who is hiring

The screenshot above shows the stats of Angular and React. Where the black line that’s down-trending represents Angular and the light-blue line that’s up-trending represents React.

The second part of that point is the geography.

Angular is searched mostly in poor cities while React has more traction in San Francisco, Sydney or Austin:

reactjs google trends

As you can see on the locations' list - the Angular.JS is mostly searched in countries like India and the React.JS is more popular in places creating TRENDS as for example San Francisco, Sydney or Austin (that means, it's going to be more popular over time).

3) Because of it's simplicity over Angular and other benefits

React.JS API is short and sweet. Redux helps in building more complex apps. You can learn more about both below.

4) Because of its robust ecosystem

React has the most robust community in terms of modular components which are shared online for reuse purposes.

React Poland 2017