How to use the React Convention™ e-book

In order to get the maximum benefits, you need to be already familiarized with:

1) ES6/ES7 syntax

2) Concept of React Life Cycle

3) Basic Redux stuff

All the information above can be learned from the How to learn basic things in React and Redux. If you are already familiar with all that basic knowledge, then please continue.

IMPORTANT: if you are a beginner and you need a list of resources where to learn those three things, then join the FB group ReactJS Convention™ Facebook Group. I will share it with you there. Join the group if you have any trouble with this e-book as well.

Other requirements necessary to get all the benefits mentioned in the preface is that you will need to start your project with that react-redux-starter-kit:

We have found this starter kit to be the best available (we know what we are talking about because we have created over 15+ different React projects so far). Even Dan Abramov has noticed that this starter kit is really an awesome one:

Dan Abramov is mostly famous for creating Redux and currently he is the main guy behind the React.JS development team (he works for Facebook).

Dan Abramov

Once you start using this starter kit, the e-book will definitely provide you the maximum value, which will save your team plenty of time at work.

In case you experience any issues or problems, we are on Facebook in order to help you - just ping us on the FB page or send an email.

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