How to learn the React and Redux basics

After you are familiar with the tutorials linked to YouTube from the above list, then you can start learning ES6 and more JS from Egghead (or skip it and go directly to resources related to React and Redux in case if you already feel strong in that area).

2) Egghead resources about ES6 and JS:

EcmaScript 6:

Reduce Data with Javascript Array:

JavaScript Arrays in Depth:

3) Useful resources about React and Redux:

React Fundamentals:

Three Important Principles of Redux:

You need to be aware of three principles:
  • Single source of truth
  • State is read-only
  • Changes are made with pure functions

All the three principles are explained in the video series: "Getting Started with Redux":

Once you are familiar with the materials listed above, then you are ready to learn the React Convention™ in order to make SPA apps, the right way.

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