Resources related to Netflix Falcor (FalcorJS) and ReactJS (books, examples & tutorials)

Are you working on any falcor’s related awesome stuff? Please contribute to the awesome-falcorjs and share it with the community FalcorJS (click here to check our previous post) is a JavaScript library written by Netflix that makes data fetching for… Continue Reading

What is Netflix Falcor (FalcorJS) and why you should care.

Long story short: FalcorJS is saving a lot of development time in terms of communication between backend and front-end. I’ve written a book where you can learn how to use Falcor called “Mastering Full Stack React Web Development“. If you have… Continue Reading

React Native 0.18 update

React Native 0.18 has arrived. What has been updated: New version depends on stock React 0.14.5 from NPM. new support of onLayout and onContentSizeChange on the ListView component Animated.multiply and Animated.add Multi-platform PullToRefreshView You can use shadow on <Text> You can find more details on GitHub here.… Continue Reading

ReactJS 2016 conferences

This is open post ala’ wikipedia. We will sum-up the list of upcoming conferences about ReactJS in 2016. Please feel free to edit the document by clicking here. Do you know about any react conference in 2016 that isn’t mentioned… Continue Reading

Is ReactJS a good choice in 2016 for your next project?

There are no any indications that ReactJS is going to lose it’s momentum in 2016. I don’t see any other good competitor on the horizon (besides Angular2, but who knows) … From the ReactJS Sub-reddit perspective, we still see a lot… Continue Reading

Why Angular2 committed suicide and helped ReactJS to flourish. Stupid decisions matters.

Many potential great products’ “committed suicide” because of the Osborne Effect (especially in business) – it looks that this effect also killed Angularjs2. Why Angular2 committed suicide and helped ReactJS to boost it’s popularity. Let’s make an analysis. ReactJS vs.… Continue Reading