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FalcorJS (click here to check our previous post) is a JavaScript library written by Netflix that makes data fetching for your application, efficient and easy. One of the main ideas behind falcor is to combine all application data in single virtual JSON model. With this approach there is no need to load all the data each time some change in application state request for it. Adding caching data that can be accesed at any time, can make application development significantly faster.

Falcor has been published very recently, but there are some places when it can be used. If you are familiar with redux, quite nice tool to manage application state, in most cases used together with React, you can check redux-falcor repository at github – . It provides a way to connect your application front-end, built with redux with falcor-based back-end.

Netflix provides standard documentation for developers but if you want to find some other working examples to learn from it, you can for example look at this shopping cart application – . It’s configuration includes falcor, express, react, webpack and is mocking Async MongoDB queries so it can give you an example “feel” h0w t0 use it with Mongoose, PostgreSQL etc.(without setting up a real database).

In addition to it , there is very simple TODO app at github – and if that is not enough there is a small demo of application that uses Falcor as tool to populate React component with data, and Redux for managing changes in the view and React-Router for application routing, that can be found here – .

Due to obvious benefits of having Falcor as a fullstack (back-end+front-end) tool for your application, we can be pretty sure that this is just a beginning and sooner or later developers around the world will love it.

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