Is ReactJS a good choice in 2016 for your next project?

There are no any indications that ReactJS is going to lose it’s momentum in 2016. I don’t see any other good competitor on the horizon (besides Angular2, but who knows) …

From the ReactJS Sub-reddit perspective, we still see a lot of growing interest:

reactjs reddit stats

reactjs stats 2016


We will see after actual release of Angular2, but so far some friends of mine are pissed-of using out of Angular2:

angular2 fb

From my perspective, there may be a lot of friction in the learning curve because of Angular2 require TypeScript knowledge. I have many friends who don’t like CoffeeScript or TypeScript (or other…) … For me ES6 looks like a good way to solve the problems inherited from older EcmaScript versions.

Do you have more thoughts on ReactJS trends in 2016?  Please share :-)


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